Gas Line Installation in Canada

Gas Line Installation in Canada

H & R experts in gas line installation.

We confirm that the gas line installation runs without much disturbance to the property when it is installed. We complete our installation with a pressure test to make sure that the gas lines installation is, gas-tight. H & R guarantees that our gas line installation is completed as per safety standards and regulations, set by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. 

H & R Services apart from gas line installation also specializes in gas line repair. We undertake all majors and minor gas leaks. Major gas line repair service is required in old houses, as most of the gas line installation was done by an outdated method, which is no longer used in the HVAC industry.

We have a team of experts for gas line installation and repair, with sound technical knowledge, certified by, Technical Standards and Safety Authority. Our TSSA certified gas technicians are fully equipped to drill through any surface be it wood, brick, Tiles, concrete, wall, and so on. 

We also do gas line installation and repair at commercial outlets for Stove, BBQ, Dryer, Range, and pool heating. ​

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We offer our service In GTA (Greater Toronto Area), like Downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and other areas in and around GTA.

Gas line Install repair:

Our team of experts in gas line repair is specialized in detecting major and minors gas leaks, by using the simplest methods to detect leaks. Initially, our team spots the source of the leak from the smell because it mainly occurs in Unions, Isolation valves, or flex lines. Another simple way to detect a leak is by employing a gas leak detector solution, and bubbles will form from the source of the leak, but the most sophisticated way would be to use an electronic leak detector, and our experts are equipped with everything. 

So as soon as you smell gas open your doors and windows, then maintain a safe distance from the source of the leak; and call our team of certified technicians.

The following issues are mainly faced by households in gas piping leakages like; inappropriate materials, inadequate support, no-drip legs, rusting, missing shut-off valve, improper connections, piping in chimneys or duct systems, plastic pipe exposed above grade, copper tubing not properly levelled in a stove.

Gas line connection for a stove:

Our Service team ensures your safety by connecting your appliances properly. They are fully equipped with the correct tools, flexible gas connectors, pipe joints, and leakage detectors.
It is always advisable to avail the services of our team, as a simple gas leak if neglected can be the cause of an explosion, and pose a serious threat to human lives.

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