Gas Line Install Brampton

We have professional  for the purpose of gas line install Brampton  at home or at office for any of purpose like BBQ, Stove, Range, Dryer or pool heating.

For the purpose of installation, skilled experts perform pressure test first in order to ensure for the smooth functioning of emission of gas without any leakage. 

Our TSSA certified gas technicians will give you the best options on how to proceed whether it’s a gas line from your furnace room or your gas meter. We come fully equipped to drill holes through brick, tile, wood or anything else that may be in the way.

Gas Line Installation:

We make sure that all gas lines are run accurately and run with minimal disturbance to the customer’s property. All our gas lines installed are completed with a pressure test to ensure that it is gas tight.

All gas lines installed are guaranteed to be up to al safety standard and regulations as per TSSA.

4 side burner stove pipeline service

 Gas Line Repair:

H & R repairs all major and minor gas leaks. A lot of older homes use fittings and techniques that are no longer in HVAC practice.

If you are unsure if the gas lines in your home are up to code then give us a call and we will service and repair your gas lines for you. It is important to make sure you comply with local gas codes to be safe and have uninterrupted service.

Gas pipe fitting and servicing

Storage Hot Water Tank

A tank hot water system may be considered an older technology, but it’s been proven to work. The advantage with a traditional hot water tank is the upfront cost. It’s significantly cheaper to purchase and install. As well, if you’re looking to have hot water instantly, the tank water heater will give it to you. Since your tank has been heating the storage tank. 

2 storage hot water tank

Air Filtration

At H & R Services, we are committed to providing Canadians with the highest quality in air filtration system, improving the air quality in their home, and helping to minimize the potential for mould and other dangerous pollutants.  Indoor air quality components can improve the quality of your home’s indoor air.

3 amana air filtration system


Humidifier is one of the most effective ways to add the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air and prevent the problems caused by dry air. This problem is especially prevalent during the winter heating season. This is because the relative humidity (RH) of the cold, outdoor air drops significantly when brought into your home and heated.

Himidity air purifier laying on the table


It’s easy to use, and lets you schedule your heating and cooling your way, by automatically heating or cooling your home to maintain the temperature you like the most. Change it from day-to-day, just at weekends, or keep one program all week. The simple instructions and large backlit display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius makes it easy to program your selections and keep your home comfortable all week. By partnering up with today’s best suppliers in home energy, we create smart homes that can be controlled with the tap of your smartphone.

Thermostat device in black colour