Benefits Of Furnace Service In Toronto Regularly

Man servicing a furnace

Why you need to do regularly furnace service in Toronto

We cannot say what is the best time to get your furnace service in Toronto generally it is done before winters however some people prefer to get furnace services after winters as they are aware of the issue they were facing during use. ON Toronto winter runs from End of November till mid of March so you need to plan furnace service in Toronto according to that time.

Major Benefits of emergency furnace repair

Cities like Toronto go through harsh and long winters and usage of a furnace could be lifesaving and most important to keep your house warm.

There are the following benefits of regular furnace service:

  1. energy bill reduced by 30%
  2. longer life of the furnace
  3. Major Breakdown prevented
  4. Your family stays warm and safe throughout winters.

What is the furnace service cost in Toronto?

Normally furnace service cost in Toronto is about $169 and additional charges for any repair or parts if required. There could be additional charges for emergency furnace repair about gas furnace repair:

Suddenly in winters is our gas furnace breaks down we urgently search in Google ‘furnace technician near me’ for gas furnace repair we recommend certain troubleshooting steps you can do before calling a professional. Here are some common problems with gas furnace are :


Check Thermostat

There could be many problems with Thermostat like:

Power: Check the battery as the Furnace has enough power to send signal to HVAC system.

Dust: Some old electromechanical thermostats needs regular dusting check if the dust is causing problem.

Location: Check is the thermostat is away for other heating source like light fixture, heating vent or any cooking equipment as the temperature reading could be sending wrong signal to Furnace.

Balance: It is important that it is in correct level.

Anticipator Adjust: If it’s an old furnace you may have to adjust anticipator.

Check the Setting: Ensure you thermostat is set to ‘heat’ only.

Furnace power supply induction machine

Check power

Make sure that the furnace is getting power if it’s not getting power check the breaker box and see f all fuse are ok and also make sure HVAC system is not disconnected from power.

Check Air Filter

If both furnace and thermostat getting power you need to check the furnace filter. It is important to change filter in 30 to 90 days.

Check Gas

Make sure it’s getting proper supply of gas make sure gas valve is fully open and pilot light is fully depressed.

Bad Pilot signal

Refer to your manufacturer’s instructions and adjust flame height by adjusting screw located on Pilot valve body. Make sure your Furnace is properly cleaned and lubricated. Regular maintenance is important make sure furnace is serviced every year and properly lubricated.

Your gas furnace gives you signal by sounds and it’s time to call a professional from Toronto furnace repair the following g are some of the warning sound.

  1. Booming sound indicating problem with burner
  2. Clicking sound indicated problem with ignition
  3. Screeching sound indicating problem with blower motor.
  4. Clanging noise this may happen in older furnace using old blower motor fan belt might have to replace the furnace with a new one.


Important factors to look for before choosing best Toronto furnace repair company

  1. Check if the company is transparent as it gives you proper cost of service and parts or can give you good suggestions until when the furnace needs replacement.
  2. The company should be honest as it gives proper suggestions to customer if the furnace could be repaired and no need to replace it unnecessarily.
  3. Make sure they offer 24/7 service as furnace could be lifesaving in cities like Toronto.
  4. Make sure their technician keeps common parts in their truck for quick repair.
  5. Check customer’s review online.

To conclude just wanted to say again furnace could be lifesaving and very important part of your household so it is important to give it proper and regular service.

You have to gain little knowledge about basic troubleshooting so you can save time and get a good company for its regular maintenance with 24/7 service available.

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