Commercial Boiler Repair and HVAC Installers

H & R Heating and Refrigeration, has several years of experience in Commercial boiler repair and walk in refrigerator repair , HVAC Installation. We can install, replace and provide preventative maintenance for office buildings, condominiums, restaurants and retail stores.

Our licensed Technicians can provide you full Commercial Heating and air solution or just point-in-time repairs. We have expertise in retro-fitting old units to current energy saving solutions, brand new installations for new construction projects and regular maintenance schedule to maximize your equipment efficiency and cost savings.

Commercial Boiler Repair

Boiler for commercial purpose:  Multi-tenant system to provide hot water to individual units. We’ve installed and maintain several commercial condensing boilers in condominiums throughout the Greater Toronto Area – improving energy efficiency and comfort.

Water Heater – Tankless and Tanks : Never run out of hot water. Ensure that all systems and balanced so that your entire building gets the right water pressure and flow. If you’re looking to replace your current water heating system, or in need of commercial water heating system for a new construction project, give us a call. H & R  are certified hot water Technicians. We can provide you with a sizing assessment.

Commercial Air Handlers: Regulate Air handler is basic use for commercial purpose is a large metal box which contain a blower, use for heating, filter rack sound attenuates, damper. It is generally use for making air hot and cold, highly it’s useful in work with air conditioning, heat pump condenser unit.

Heat Pumps: Air-sourced heat pumps, split-ductless heat pumps and geothermal heat pump expertise.

Swimming pool / spa heaters: Replace and install indoor, outdoor pools and spa heaters for condominiums and gyms.

Heating and cooling repair: We carry an inventory of commercial heating and cooling service, maintenance, repair, walk in refrigerator repair.

For any assistance in relation to installation, maintenance or repair of commercial HVAC, Call us at 416-402-1083